What the 1 percent club?

The 1 percent Club System is a forex trading software recently released. The software monitors the commercial market and tell you where the most profitable trades are now. You know what to do crafts and trades is best for you to stay away from.

The software has been designed to be very easy to use for anyone who is new to trading can benefit from using the 1 percent club.

Having this type of software is like having your own broker are freely available for use at any time.

What is Forex and Binary Options Trading?

Forex binary options trading is similar to trading in the stock market. Trade binary options, you are trading with products like silver, gold and oil trading and you call is put on the market.

Based on a business means that you claim that the value of commodities, such as gold, will increase with an extraordinary amount of time.

By putting in a product that has to assess the value will decrease the specific amount of time.

When trading, you are able to see results very quickly, usually less than a minute, which is especially useful when there has been a winning trade and are able to get a high return on your investment, sometimes up to 80 %.